Our Mission

Maximize the Potential and Longevity of Athletes

McGyver Clark

Co-Founder & CEO

McGyver Clark, an undergraduate student in Economics at BYU, is passionate about running and the intersection of technology and athletics. As a former track athlete, he won two Utah State championships and later coached Timpview High to their first Girls Team State Championship. His passion for entrepenership, technology, and athletics inspired him to start Alpha Peak.

John Hedengren


John Hedengren, esteemed Chemical Engineering professor at BYU, excels in AI, machine learning, optimization, and unmanned aerial vehicles. As a former NCAA Cross Country All-American and BYU Hall of Fame member, he's now the CTO, revolutionizing athlete potential. Through the Roadrunner Junior Club, he inspires hundreds of kids in running. With his engineering and athletic expertise, John develops groundbreaking software for athletes, optimizing training and performance.

Isaac Hedengren

Product Engineer

Isaac Hedengren, a talented product engineer at Alpha Peak, balances his passions for engineering, running, and helping others. Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering at BYU, he excels as an engineering research assistant and a member of BYU's top-ranking Track and Cross-Country team. Isaac's athletic achievements and care for athletes fuel his development of tailored software solutions at Alpha Peak, empowering athletes to excel.

Iain Hunter

Academic Partner

Iain Hunter, a renowned Exercise Science and Biomechanics professor at BYU, is highly respected in the running community. As a former BYU athlete and Guinness World Record holder, he has firsthand experience in endurance sports. Iain's research at BYU influences runners at various levels, and his collaboration with USA Track and Field leads to innovative performance optimization strategies. With his expertise, coaching, and athletic career, Iain significantly contributes to Alpha Peak's pursuits.

Luke Vankeersblick

Academic Partner

Luke Vankeersblick, a motivated Master's student at BYU, excels in biomechanics and artificial intelligence. With impressive accomplishments in college athletics, his passion for running and scientific research converge. Luke's dedication to biomechanics and AI fuels his pursuit of innovative advancements, showcasing his adaptability and problem-solving skills. Positioned as a rising star, he makes a meaningful impact at the intersection of running and scientific knowledge.

Sebastian Fernandez

Data Engineer R&D

Sebastian Fernandez boasts multiple All-American performances in Track and Field. As a top 5 all-time BYU athlete in the 800m and holder of the DMR relay school record, he brings exceptional athletic achievements to his work. Studying Chemical Engineering with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Sebastian is keen on utilizing AI and data science to enhance the sport of running and optimize performance.

Dallin Draper

Data Engineer R&D

Dallin Draper is a decorated athlete with six Utah State championships and the prestigious 2018 Gatorade Track Player of the Year title. As a top-ten all-time sprinter at BYU, he brings his firsthand knowledge of high-performance running to his work. Majoring in Data Science, Dallin's passion lies in coaching and leveraging data to inform and enhance running performance.